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Biography of the artist

Born in 1985 in Ejszyszki, Lithuania. Due to Paderewski Scholarship, he moved to Gdańsk, where he graduated from the high school. In 2009 he graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology with a degree in thermal power engineering. At the same time he was studying at the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. In his second year he additionally began attending anatomy lectures at the Medical Academy in Gdansk, he took part in the course in dissecting-room. He completed the course of clinical anatomy at the bachelor level after passing a perfectly fine exam. In 2013 he moved to Warsaw and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the prof. Andrzej Rysiński. He won the award for the Best Diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw „ComingOut 2014” and the award in the competition for the Best Diploma of Higher Art Schools in Poland ArtNoble 2014.


Solo exhibitions 14

■ Krzysztof Sokolovski. Neosacral art, POSK Gallery, London, UK, January 2020
■ Neosacral Art Krzysztof Sokolovski, Willesden gallery, London, UK, November 2019 →
■ Neo-Sacral Art, Cultural Centre, Telšiai, Lithuania, September 2019
■ Neosacral Art Krzysztof Sokolovski, Museum Historische Kring Nieuwegein, Holland, August 2019 →
■ Neo-Sacral Art, Contemporary Art Gallery BWA Włocławek, Poland, July 2019 →
■ Neo-Sacral Art, University Gallery, Częstochowa, Poland, November 2018
■ Neosacral Art, Karacs Ferenc Múzeum, Püspökladány, Hungary, August 2018
■ Neosacral Art, Szarijskie Museum, Bardejov, Slovakia, June 2018
■ Neo-Sacral Art, KUL Gallery, Lublin, Poland, June 2018
■ Neo-Sacral Art, Gallery, Camaldolese Monastery, Warsaw, Poland, June 2018
■ Affordable Art Fair – individual presentation at the art fair, Milan, Italy, February 2018
■ Neo-Sacral Art, Green Gallery, Łódź, November 2017
■ Presentation of the diploma thesis, Polish House in Ejszszki, Lithuania, 2014
■ The reliquary icon, the Polish Community Association, Warsaw, and the ICONart Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art, Lviv, Lithuania, January 2013

Group exhibitions 5

■ New icon, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław, Poland, May 2019
■ New icon, Gallery University of Culture, Minsk, Belarus, March 2019
■ Time of life – time of death, Warsaw Archdiocese Museum, Warsaw, February 2019
■ Men, Women, Conscience, Manuel Zoia Gallery, Milan, Italy, February 2019 →
■ ArtVerona – presentation at the art fair, Verona, Italy, October 2018

Awards 3

■ artNoble 2014 – Distinction in the category Best Diploma of Higher Schools of Art in Poland, Festival City of Stars, Żyrardów, Poland, 2014
■ Distinction Best Diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Coming Out 2014
■ Award of the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk for organizing the International Festival of Young Art “IFYart” in Lithuania, 2011

Projects 8

■ Interior and furnishings of the neo-sacral chapel in the Salesian Sisters’ Monastery in Jerusalem, Israel, November 2017
■ Interior and furnishings of the neo-sacral chapel in the Chapel of the Maltese Order, Klebark Wielki, Poland, March 2017 →
■ Polychrome of the Chapel of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Podborz, Lithuania, 2016
■ Polychrome of the Chapel of St. Mary of Czestochowa, Dobrołęka (work in the team of Dr. Ł. Majcherowicz), Poland, 2015
■ Fresco (sgraffiti and wet fresco technique), Soleczniki, Lithuania, 2014
■ Polychromy of the interior of the church of Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Romany, Poland (work in the team of Dr. Ł. Majcherowicz), 2014
■ Anatomical illustrations for the Small Anatomical Atlas, prof. med. R. Aleksandrowicz, prof. med. B. Ciszek, PZWL Publishing House, 2014
■ Anatomical illustrations of the Medical Calendar 2014, PZWL Publishing House, 2014

Artists statement

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