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Biography of the artist

Architect, painter, university lecturer, art collector associated with Minsk Mazowiecki. In 1999 artist got his diploma and in 2008, doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland. He is engaged in painting, sculpture, photography and architecture history. Interested in the impact of architecture on painting and vice versa. In his work, he examines optical illusions, the impact of color on the space and man. Furthermore, the square shapes found within the paintings add to the viewer’s perceptive distortion. Regardless of where the viewer looks, the painting seems to be in a state of constant flux.


Group exhibitions 5

■ Travelling Exhibition – Painting Our Future Together, MMGallery, Brussels, Belgium, April 2019 →
■ Travelling Exhibition – Painting Our Future Together, Riga Central Library, Riga, Latvia, January 2019
■ Travelling Exhibition – Painting Our Future Together, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus, January 2019
■ International Painting Symposium, Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia, September 2018 →
■ Private art, presentation of the art collection and own works, Museum of Minsk Mazowiecki Region, Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland, March 2016

Awards 3

■ Award of the Minister of Infrastructure of the Republic of Poland, 2009
■ Distinction of the Council of the Faculty of Warsaw University of Technology, 2008
■ Honorable mention in the photo competition “Warsaw the day before”, presentation of photos at the Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw, Poland, 1999

Projects 1

■ Architectural design of the church of St. John the Baptist, Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland, 2005

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