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Biography of the artist

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Solo exhibitions 18

■ Icon Matter, New Vegetable Gallery, Oliwa City Hall of Culture, Gdańsk, Poland, 2020
■ Clearance projections, Extravagance Gallery, Sosnowiec Art Centre Sielecki Castle, Sosnowiec, Poland, 2019
■ Icon landscapes, Podlasie Gallery, Bialskie Centrum Kultury, Biała Podlaska, Poland, 2019
■ Iconicles: metaphysical landscapes, Diocesan Museum, Toruń, Poland, 2019
■ Iconopassages: shapes and materials, Płock Art Gallery, Płock, Poland, 2018
■ Phosphorescences, Contemporary Art Gallery, Włocławek, Poland, 2018
■ On the periphery of the icons: materials, phosphorescences and landscapes, Gallery of Contemporary Art Power Station, Czeladź, Poland, 2018
■ Some old ones, some new ones. The exhibition for the twentieth anniversary of creative activity, Szafa Gallery, Starogard Gdański, Poland, 2018
■ Iconopassages, Muses Gallery, Toruń, Poland, 2018
■ Iconography: paintings about icons, Nova Gallery, Malbork, Poland, 2017
■ Icon peripheries: icononomateries, Castle Gallery, Lubin, Poland, 2017
■ Icon landscapes, City Gallery, Inowrocław, Poland, 2017
■ Paintings, Rodipa/Concipio Gallery, Tienen, Belgium, 2007
■ Polish Views, Nieuw Schoten Gallery, Haarlem, Holland, 2005
■ Concipio Gallery, Lubeek, Belgium, 2005
■ Embryo2 Gallery, Lubeek, Belgium, 2002
■ PII Gallery, Filadelfia, USA, 2002
■ Leda Gallery, Chicago, USA, 2001

Group exhibitions 13

■ Beyond the Frame, Orleans House Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 2020
■ Festival d’Art. Sacre de Senlis, France, 2019
■ Gdansk Art Biennale 2018, Gdansk City Gallery, Gdansk, Poland, 2018
■ Kociewie ART, Old Town Hall, Gdańsk, Poland, 2018
■ The “New Avant-garde” Contemporary Art Review, Wilson Shaft Gallery, Katowice, Poland, 2017
■ Annaborg Kunstforening, Hilleroed, Denmark, 2014
■ Media Center, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2009
■ Me Art Gallery, Waszyngton, USA, 2007
■ Polish art exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Rome, Italy, 2007
■ Project Palabras para el Viento, Burgos, Espania, 2006
■ Embryo Gallery, Leuven, Belgium, 2002
■ King Hale Gallery, Sarasota, USA, 2002
■ A Gallery, Starogard Gdański, Poland, 2002

Artists statement

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.

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