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Sacral abstraction (with the intention of recovery)

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2020, levkas (author's technique), ink, gold plated with flake gold, canvas, wood board, 54 x 28 cm

The icon is made on a 100-year-old wooden board, which comes from the historic church equipment in Klebark Wielki

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MFA, M.Sc. Eng. Krzysztof Sokolovski – born in 1985 in Eišiškės in Lithuania. He is the creator of the idea of neosacral art, visual artist, author of contemporary sacral interiors, illustrator. His views about reality resulted in visual form, which is a common denominator of empiricism and spirituality. It is also a philosophical-theological view, which is a bridge between strictly scientific reasoning and the emotional-spiritual dimension of human. In 2003, due to help of MFA Anna Szpadzińska-Koss and Paderewski Scholarship, he moved to Danzig (Gdańsk). There he continued attending school, while he was learning to paint and draw. In 2009, …