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Exhibition Figures and Structures

Exhibition runs until 30 December 2023

Exhibited: 6 November - 30 December 2023

Fumio (Humio) Tomita → Ignacy Oboz → Jerzy Grabowski → Joanna Mazuś → Krzysztof Sokolovski → Marcin Lubera → Nicole Szmidt → Paweł Wąsowski → Przemysław Garczyński → Richard (Ryszard) Anuszkiewicz → Stanisław Fijałkowski →

Figury i struktury The exhibition presents the artwork of 11 artists associated with geometric abstraction and Op-Art. The main theme is figures and their transformations, then moving out of the plane towards coloured structures and light installations. Paintings, prints, structural creations, reliefs on boards and light lighboxes are therefore shown. Read more

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