Marek Jędrych

Born 1957, Biała Podlaska

Intriguing in color and form, the unreal paintings on boards, building boards and watercolor paper surprise and force you to focus your attention.

figurative art

Born in 1957 in Biała Podlaska. Studied Cultural and Educational Pedagogy at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Graduated from Postgraduate Studies of Culture Managers at the Warsaw School of Economics. More than twenty individual exhibitions including Lublin, Biala Podlaska, Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Aabybro, Lokken, Karup (Denmark), Skelleftea (Sweden) and more than a dozen group exhibitions including Grenaa (Denmark), Brest (Belarus).

Marek Jędrych has been painting from an early age, which supposedly flows from a natural need, and has been creating professionally for more than 30 years. During this period he has developed a specific style, distinguishing him among artists. Painted with gouache, the paintings resemble fantastic mosaics. Deciphering their content requires willingness and time.

Each visual composition, in addition to imaginary figures and points and patterns, contains a textual sentence, which is an integral part of it. In them, the author writes down thoughts and philosophical sentences a related to the content or condition in which they were created. The original series of paintings lived to see more than 20 exhibitions, shown in various parts of the country, but also abroad, in Belarus, Denmark and Sweden. Everywhere they evoked similar impressions – surprise and fascination.

Jędrych’s painting escapes the traditional idea of art. It is populated by strange figures with one eye, in dynamic situations, resembling, as it were, visitors from another planet. They are accompanied by a wealth of details arranged in forms that surprise the viewer. They are carefully detailed testifying to the author’s great imagination and passion. One gets the impression that they are an invitation to a magical journey into the depths of imagination.

Some people associate my works with Aboriginal or Inca drawings. However, these are not my inspirations.

Like fire I avoid template and duplication of content invented by others. Each of my works is the result of my own thoughts. Each time I try to express something spiritual, poetic in color. Sometimes wild and incomprehensible. My paintings are a record of observations made. Painting gives me great pleasure. I savor it. Maybe, that’s why it takes a month or more to prepare one painting.

For me the most important thing is the act of creation. Then the paintings already live their own existence and the associations they evoke in visitors,” the author adds. Recently, he has been trying to change a bit the previous form of expression, choosing watercolor paper primed with tea.

In my work, I strive to be real. A painting is supposed to come from an inner need, not a desire to please anyone. I am inspired by the atmosphere of mystery. She was the germ of the Fera (wildness) series. I like to observe the reactions of visitors. Some ask me a lot of questions at the openings, although they still have their own way of interpretation. This is a sign that the works I exhibit have a multifaceted message. I can’t do without painting and probably more works will be created soon. Some people think they are a record of my dreams. I don’t intend to shatter their imaginations.

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