The exhibition ‘Cognitostructura’ will present reliefs by Krzysztof Sokolovski inspired by the spiritualising power of natural mysteries and the desire to unravel and learn about them. The gold used in the works, referring to the Byzantine tradition, symbolises the metaphysical world, but in this case it is the as yet unconquered empirical knowledge, or the …

Cognitostructura, Stock Exchange Centre Gallery, Warsaw, Poland Read more →

Paweł Wąsowski qualified at the symposium of Marek Rothko Art Centre in Latvia.

The exhibition from 7 to 16 March 2019 at the Evvivanoe Gallery in Turin. Photo: Paweł Wąsowski.

The opening of Paweł Wąsowski’s studio in Minsk Mazowiecki took place on 14th September 2019. The event was honored by the concert of the Trumba Jazz Ensemble. We would like to thank the guests, the Mayor of Minsk Mazowiecki Marcin Jakubowski and the city councillors for their presence. Source: FB Marcin Jakubowski.

The square is a frequent compositional form in a variety of media. Its brilliance is most felt in balance and symmetrical dissection of the field. Clearly, over time, the square has been used as a basic form in the art of many a genius, including Malevich, Mondrian and a number of others. Key to the …

Homage to the square II, POSK Gallery, London, UK Read more →

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